Gaudi Guide


The complete guide to all of Antoni Gaudí's creations in Barcelona and out.

Along with the famous Sagrada Família and the delightful Park Güell, there is an obscure fountain hidden in a bamboo grove and a seaside villa on the Bay of Biscay. You can read a brief history of every project, with accompanying photos, backstories, and helpful visiting and navigation details.


Casa Mila
la Pedrera


Everything a visitor needs are at your fingertips: hours, days, prices, phone numbers, email and web addresses. Wherever on-line ticketing is available, it is explained in detail to save you time. 

Directions include not just which metro stop you need but which car to be on, which exit to use, which bus to take and precise descriptions of walking routes.


la Cripta de Colònia Güell


Did you know that there are nine of Gaudí’s works outside of Barcelona? Three of these are quite near in the suburbs including the one pictured which is a mere 20 minutes from Plaça Espanya. And, it is one of his best.

You'll have the information for them along with simplified, accurate maps with the walk already sketched out from transit stations.


Pavellons Güell


If you’ve come to Barcelona to see Gaudí’s work, you owe it to yourself to have the answers to all your questions right in your pocket. Just below this rooftop is the famous Dragon Gate. You really should see it and it is not hard to find.


Palau Güell


To quote one review- "A last word: this guide is also perfect for the armchair traveler, a great gift for someone who would like to go to Barcelona someday."

Oh, and Sr. Güell? You'll find out who he was too.